Today is World Wildlife Day With The Theme: Forests & Livelihoods – Mukasa Emmy

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Improving the livelihoods and protection of the forests which house wildlife is a central role in sustaining the populations and survival of forest species like gorillas, elephants, snakes, chimpanzees, and many others

As Herp Fauna Foundation Uganda, we consider awareness as a strong tool that will sustain the protection of wildlife and humanity because the two must co-exist sustainably since both depend on each other for survival.

We call upon the government to improve on the livelihoods of its citizens most especially in the rural areas in order to have wildlife and forests intact.

In most cases, poverty has forest people encroach on forests and wildlife for survival hence destroying ecosystems.

In developing countries like Uganda and the others, the world over a lot of wildlife is in danger because of the poor standards of living hence depletion of wildlife and forests.

Mr Mukasa Emmy of Herp Fauna Foundation

A case in point is the Namanve forest that perished in the guise of improving livelihoods hence rendering a lot of wildlife roaming around for example monitor lizards, snakes, and frogs.

In a nutshell, Herp Fauna Foundation Uganda aims at educating the public in matters pertaining to wildlife welfare and finding alternative ways to improve livelihoods without forest destruction.

This will be reached by consulting, co-operating, and partnering with any institutions or entity for purposes of improving forest protection and the livelihoods of people that survive along with the forest belts.

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