Priest At Large for Impregnating Two Girls, Child Neglect

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The Child and Family Protection Unit-CFPU at Arua Regional Headquarters are hunting for Rev. Fr. Edward Eguma, the Nyadri Catholic Parish in Maracha district to answer charges of child neglect and desertion. It follows the priest’s failure to show at Arua Police Station where he is needed for child neglect and desertion. 

Trouble for Fr. Eguma started last week when his former helper, Florence Edede filed a case of child neglect and desertion against him at Arua Police Station. Edede, who is looking after a one and five months old boy, claimed that the priest abandoned her in rented premises in Onduparaka trading Center after impregnating her.

It is alleged that Edede’s decision to file a case against him didn’t go down well with the priest. He reportedly became violent and attempted to confiscate the property in the house at Onduparaka but the neighbours intervened and impounded his Yamaha motorcycle Reg. No. UEU 501G and two plastic chairs, which are in safe custody at Arua CPS.

Jimmy Anguyo, the head of the CFPU Arua Regional Police Headquarters, says that after receiving Edede’s complaint on February 25th, 2021 he called Fr. Eguma to record a statement in vain. He says that the priest has instead resorted to intimidating Ededa forcing her to relocate elsewhere for safety.

Anguyo says that they have now tasked the leadership of Arua diocese to locate Fr. Eguma and present him at Arua CPS. 

Reports from Monsignor Kasto Adeti, the Vicar General of Arua Diocese show that Fr. Eguma

has abandoned Nyadri Parish and is at large. However, Anguyo says the administrator of the diocese has pledged to cooperate with the police to resolve the matter after completing their own investigations.

Anguyo told URN that police have also received information that Fr. Eguma also impregnated

another girl identified only as Gloria who is now 2 months pregnant. The girl was staying with Edede at the Parish and has since returned to her parent’s home in Odramacaku.

Preliminary police findings indicate that four girls were staying at Nyadri Catholic Parish under the care of Fr. Eguma.

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