Police Hunt Hackers of Kapelebyong Headteacher

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Kapelebyong Police are hunting for two men accused of hacking to death a retired headteacher. The suspects are Simon Okitoi and Robert Eloket, both residents of Acanga village in Acowa sub-county in Kapelebyong district. They are wanted for hacking to death 64-year-old Joseph Ojakala on Monday night in connection to a land dispute. 

The suspects are nephews to the deceased, who has also been the custodian of their property including land. David Ongom Mudong, the East Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson, says they are hunting for the suspects that he notes could still be hiding within Kapelebyong or Teso districts.  

Ongom explains that the suspects took the deceased by surprise when they stormed his home wielding pangas on Monday evening and cut him into pieces before fleeing from the area. He noted that the suspects also beat up Simon Angela, another relative of the deceased when he tried to save the old man from attack.

Angela has been admitted to Amuria General Hospital in a critical condition. Tom Okot, one of the relatives who was in Amuria Hospital told Uganda Radio Network on phone that Angela was still alive but his condition is still critical.

Joseph Oria, the Acowa Sub County LC III Chairperson told our reporter that the situation on the ground is volatile as relatives of the late have gone on rampage destroying property in the homes of the suspects and those of their other closed relatives.