Over 1000 National Unity Platform supporters are missing

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Over 1000 National Unity Platform supporters are missing.

By Obedgiu Samuel

By the time Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga the speaker of Parliament of Uganda is tasking the legislators to take up the seemingly abandoned responsibilities of the Minister of Internal affairs as Uganda Police Force and UPDFs are on a blame game, just know things are falling apart.

It’s sad that Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ‘s regime continues to kidnap people because it doesn’t feel legitimate enough. Most of these people are tried before the Makindye Military Court . This illegitimate regime has continued to try civilians in the military court where the rules of evidence are blurred. Unlawful possession of arms, usually fabricated, is the commonest charge, just like they planted weapons in Bobi Wine ‘s hotel in Arua during the Arua by election so that to try Bobi wine in a military court.

What is making all these kidnap operations by the state possible is the too much money put in “classified expenditures.” This Financial year, Gov’t has spent over 5 trilllion in classified expenditures. Most of this money was borrowed from commercial banks. Sad. And now the International Monetary Fund is also going to increase Uganda’s IMF SDR reserves (printing money). Most of this money will be used to purchase guns and military weapons to suppress dissenting voices.

These European Union diplomats in Uganda are part of the problem. They are being bribed by the regime to tell the world that these kidnaps aren’t going on. Most of these guys are being co-opted by Salim Saleh’s deep state. The citizen of Uganda should write a protest note to the E.U head of delegation, to express our dissatisfaction to his double standards. These EU diplomats are corrupt individuals.

Strike Machine.

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