NRA has not resolved Uganda’s problems. We hear the language of “I will destroy them. I will annihilate them”.

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About June 1985 Makerere University closed the third and last term of the academic year. All students were supposed to leave the halls of residence but NorthCote Hall today called Nsibirwa was left open for students who originated from “disturbed areas”.

These were areas where Museveni’s guerrillas were fighting from. But the UPC students called it “students from disturbing areas”. These areas by June 1985 included the west of Uganda like Fort Portal and Bunyoro before then “disturbed areas” where Luwero and Wakiso.

I had kept behind because my own hall NorthCote was open. So I was a fluker and I was working at my late brother’s clinic on Entebbe Road doing some clerical work, so I had a phone contact. I had previously met Rev. Fr. Binta and I had given him my phone contact at the said clinic. So one day I received a call when I was at the clinic from my classmate a one Charles Rwabwera Amooti he had been my classmate at St. Mary’s Seminary, Virika and then St. Henry’s College, Kitovu and year-mate at Makerere University.
Amooti was inviting me to join the NRA which was in Fort Portal then he told me that this was the only chance we had to confront the enemies of Uganda and obliterate them.

He told me he had been recruited and had completed training. That he was ready for battle. He said I should inform him as soon as possible before he leaves for the front line. So that he could help my training easier. He told me training was harsh but if I found him in Fort Portal he would try to help me.

We agreed that I would communicate with him through the general line at St. Mary’s Seminary where I could leave a message for him. He told me to get back to him as soon as possible. I gave his suggestion serious thought. I went for advice to my professor friend and mentor Professor Jjuuko and explained to him the suggestion from my friend.

Professor asked me so you really was to be a militant? I said yes. He said Uganda has too many militants per square inch. What our country needs is more dialogue than militancy. Even if Museveni chased Obote from power our perennial political issues of nation building have not been resolved perse. What we need is dialogue.

I took my professor’s advice very seriously and since then my interest had been to enhance rule of law and constitutionalism. I called Charles Amooti Rwabwera and left a message that I have said no. In the event within two weeks I heard very sad news that my friend Charles Rwabwera Amooti had died in the battle for Masindi.

Meanwhile as the most recent election show, NRA has not resolved Uganda’s problems. We hear the language of “I will destroy them. I will annihilate them”. To destroy and annihilate fellow Ugandans. Your own people cannot be enemies for destruction but dialogue for nation building.

Ladislaus Kiiza Rwakafuuzi

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