Buvuma RDC Blocks “Unprepared” Emyooga Beneficiaries from Accessing Funds

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The Buvuma Residents Commissioner Juma Kigongo has blocked selected beneficiaries of the presidential initiative for wealth and job creation ‘Emyooga’ access to the funds until they understand it’s importance.

Buvuma district has got sixteen groups approved and were allocated funds on their bank accounts. Each group received shillings 30 million.

Kigongo who is also the project supervisor in the district says they have written to the banks instructing them not to release the money until they confirm that beneficiaries understood the real purpose of the funding.

He notes that they have realized that a number of the beneficiaries have been hoodwinked by politicians in the area that ‘emyooga’ money was intended as a campaign project to entice masses into voting for Yoweri Museveni as the president again.

He further notes that they have considered conducting a series of more training sessions among the beneficiaries about the proper handling of the funds for a full month before allowing the banks to release it. 

However, some of the beneficiaries claim that this just a delaying tactic put up by district leaders to make people forget about the funds. 

James Sitibwakuno, a member at Kirongo trader’s association says before they accepted to register, learnt that the money will be used in boosting their small businesses through acquiring loans.

“Yes, politicians can speak out whatever they want but by the time a group fulfils all the credentials and it is approved, it is already a big proof that the group knows what it is doing,” the RDC says. “Unless leaders are planning mismanagement of this funds.”

The Buvuma Member of Parliament Robert Migadde Ndugwa wonders why the project officials would delay releasing of the funds to the people they have been training to handle the money over time creating an excuse of political propaganda.

Peter Kibirango an official from Microfinance support center, the body responsible for monitoring emyooga funds at national level says once the beneficiaries have completed submitting all the requirements, they should be given permission to access their money but bearing in mind that this money money is refundable.

Kibirango reveals that disbursement of funds in some parts of Buganda is 90 percent complete and most of the members have started utilizing the money.

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