Sad: 14 People Killed in the Albertine in One Week

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The escalating murder cases in Bunyoro Subregion is bothering security in the region. Statistics at the Albertine Region Police headquarters show that fourteen people were killed in the region last week alone.   According to the statistics, three people were killed in tribal clashes between members of the Lugbara and the Lango Communities in Kiryandongo district.

The statistics also show that three others were killed by mobs in different places of Hoima district over theft. Four people were also murdered in Kagadi district over witchcraft and theft. One person was murdered in Kibaale district while one refugee was killed in the Kyangwali refugee settlement area in Kyangwali sub-county Kikuube district.

The report further indicates that two people were killed in Masindi district last week.    Julius Hakiza, the Albertine Region Police spokesperson, security officials in the region are bothered by the increasing murder cases. He attributes the murders to land wrangles, domestic violence witchcraft, property disputes and alcohol abuse among others.  

Hakiza says police has embarked on a massive community policing campaign to reduce cases of domestic violence and land wrangles in order to reduce the murders. He appeals to political and religious leaders and community members to join police in the fight against crime in their respective districts. 

Rogers Katulinde, a resident of Kiryatete in Hoima West Division in Hoima City, says murder cases are likely to escalate since people are desperate for justice. He explains that whenever they arrest suspected they are set free by police only to continue terrorizing them.