Bugongi Market in Sorry State

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Part of Bugongi Market in Nothern Division,Kabale Municipality (Photo Credit Samuel Amanya)

Bugongi market in Northern Division in Kabale municipality is in ruins. The market, which operates on Friday and Sunday, attracts traders from Northern and Central divisions in Kabale municipality as well as Nyamweru and Bubaare Sub-counties in Rubanda district.

Northern division authorities allocated stalls to traders at Shillings 20,000 each month two years ago to generate revenue for the division.  However, the market is in a sorry state. The roofs of some of the stalls have collapsed.

The market is surrounded by bushes while the toilets and drainage system are clogged.  The vendors told our reporter that the failure by authorities to erect a gate at the market has turned it into a safe haven for criminals.  

They also say that it is risky to keep their merchandise in the market since there is no power. They also faulted the method used by the authorities to allocate stalls, which they say gave chance to wealthy people to get as many as ten stalls and sub rent them to traders at Shillings 200,000 each.

Eric Karemeera, one of the concerned traders and Bugongi road village LC 1 chairman where the market is located, says the development of the market has stalled due to poor management by the division authorities.

Karemeera says that authorities allocated the stalls to traders to generate money without proper planning. According to Karemeera, due to the poor allocation of the stalls, the market is congestion giving rise to competition for space between tobacco, shoe and second-hand cloth vendors.

He says the hygiene in the market is appalling due to nonfunctional toilets.

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