Global One Logistics: Top Clearing Company in Uganda With Competitive Skills

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Global One Logistics: Top Clearing Company in Uganda With Competitive Skills.

Looking for a clearing and forwarding company in Uganda?  

Then you are at the right place! Global One Logistics, which is based in  Kampala, Uganda understands your Business or Personal needs when it comes to the importation or exportation of cargo.

It is committed to handling all your requests with the utmost care from the time of pick-up to the time of drop-off. It will pick up cargo right from your doorstep and deliver it with care to any part of the World.

It offers clients timely delivery without delays. It has a customer service that will support all your requests, any time of the day.

It will track parcels and documents right from the start until the point of delivery. This offers security for confidential material that customers or businesses would like to send to anywhere in the world.

Global One Logistics Limited

It has strong connection points throughout the world, which makes it easy for them to send parcels or documents to the ends of the world.

The rates are very competitive but still stand as the top clearing agent in Uganda .

Customs Clearance

It provides complete services from the receipt of documents to delivery of goods.

Customs formalities for the clearance of imports or export consignments are highly regulated in Uganda . The correct preparation and completion of the clearance procedures are critical, as heavy penalties may be levied if the correct process is not fulfilled.

Global One Logistics Limited

Ensures that the appropriate documentation is done and the correct import and export procedures are followed to minimize clearance delays.

Consultancy Services for Customs

Invaluable consultancy services are available regarding Customs Tariff applicability, Laws, Procedures, and Sales Tax. Guidance is provided in the preparation of Import documents so as to avoid delays and complications at the time of clearance of goods.

In matters of a dispute global one will prepare, attend, and contest legal cases up to Collector (Adjudication) level. We also help and assist attorneys engaged by our clients on professional matters in cases where Tribunal or Higher Courts are involved.

Project Clearing

A “one-stop-shop” in Customs clearance and transportation of project cargo.
Our Kampala office is located at Kititale Port Bell Road Luzira, making it very convenient to deal with all imports and exports.

Contact Global One Logistcis on +256787325127 >  WhatsApp +256715256721 , email:

It can also arrange clearance for your goods at any port in Africa with electronic links to associates across the country.

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