“Govt is planning to kill me.” Frank M. Gashumba

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By Spectre Media.

“Govt is planning to kill me.” Frank M. Gashumba

Businessman and political analyst Frank Gashumba has come out to say that his life is in danger and is aware of the plot by government to end his life.

Gashumba says this is because of the Political comments he makes that pinch government for violation of human rights, corruption and President Museveni’s refusal to leave power.

“Every time i leave my house am worried that they may be waiting for me with a drone to take me to their safe houses. Even though am worried, I wont stop talking about things that are taking place in my country.” Gashumba adds

Gashumba says that the only person whose voice government can listen to to stop kidnapping people’s children is the Kabaka of Buganda. Gashumba says that President Museveni only respects the Kabaka and is the only person he may be able to listen to.

“Its only the Kabaka’s voice which can tempt government to stop the kidnaps. Even if Katikiro Mayiga undresses, government won’t listen afterall he is a state agent.” Gashumba added

Gashumba says that what ever bad is happening in this country is due to President Museveni who has refused to leave power even after being defeated in an election on several occasions. Gashumba adds that he is sure Bobi Wine won the election just as Kizza Besigye has been doing in the past.