Exclusive: A pressure group “Time is Now” ask Ugandans to block Museveni’s swearing through nationwide protests

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A pressure group “time is now” to block President Museveni swearing through nationwide protests

Time Is Now a civil society organization that has links with seasoned pressure groups and civil rights activists around the world is secretly coordinating demonstrations in major towns of the country to reclaim what they call people’s victory.

Information leaked to Whisper Eye News by an excited mobilizer indicates these could be the most coordinated and well-organized protests Uganda has ever seen.

Protests’ Coordinators have been undergoing training in European countries and another country that has a history of offering training to civil rights activists.

The protests will be coordinated by structured committees each assigned with its own role.

According to reliable sources, training, strategizing and planning have been ongoing for the past years in the said countries.

Civil society organizations in a neighboring country have also been instrumental in extending support to “Time Is Now” given their experience in similar activities.

The Time Is Now like many Ugandans believe that the victory of Ugandans was stolen; “they voted, protected their votes but the electoral commission announced a wrong winner”, according to them.

“We have no hope in courts as they are no different from the Electoral Commission since they are both handpicked by President Museveni who Ugandans are fighting against,” the excited mobilizer of Time Is Now name with held told Whisper Eye News.

Unlike previous protests which were built on a single person and attracted one group of people; “this time most groups will participate”.

“Workers both in formal and informal sectors, women groups, students, civil society, farmers, faith groups, youths and politicians will participate”, he explained.

There have been multi stakeholders’ meetings and consultations that have been ongoing.

Details of the exact protest dates and scope of the protests are not yet clear but sources suggest they are to happen very soon.

It should be remembered that all recent successful protests have not been coordinated by political parties but civil society groups.

The overall Coordinator of Time Is Now is said to be an experienced civil rights activist with many years working with foreign NGOS.

Rumors say that he participated in the just concluded parliamentary elections as an independent candidate but had earlier announced intentions of standing as a President subscribing to the International Green New Deal agenda.

Many groups and individuals have participated in activities challenging president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s sixth-term victory, but no group has created an impact.

Mr Museveni has ruled Uganda since 1986 after the successful Luwero bush war led by him. His major challenger in the 2021 presidential election hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, a musician turned politician also popularly known as Bobi Wine petitioned the Supreme Court challenging Museveni’s victory.

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