South Sudanese National Jailed 11 Years for Rape

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Sign post of Gulu High Court Circuit – Photo by Dominic OcholaA 28-year-old South Sudanese national has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for rape.

Peter Omuria, a who is a refugee from Block 6, Zone 3 of Palabek Settlement Camp, Ogilli Sub –County in Lamwo district was convicted of raping a 36 year –old deaf refugee in April 2019.

Court heard that Omuria and two other unidentified men stormed the victim’s house, chased her two children out, tore her clothes and raped her contrary to Section 123 and 124 of the Penal Code Act.

Justice Stephen Mubiru said he was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Omuria committed the offence. Justice Mubiru said that he based on the testimony of the victim’s son who told the court that after they were chased from the house, he peeped through the makeshift door and saw Omuria raping her mother.

Mubiru also added that the victim corroborated the facts of the incident, was consistent in her testimony to the court and during cross-examination by both prosecution and defence lawyer and that she was able to identify the Omuria.

Patrick Omiya, the Gulu Resident State Prosecutor asked the court to sentence the convict to 40 years in jail following the aggravating factors in the rape case.

According to Omiya, the rape victim is deaf and dumb and needed protection from the convict who was her neighbour. He added that the victim was raped in front of her son hence, causing trauma to both of them.

Walter Okidi Ladwar, the lawyer representing the accused however asked the court to give the convict a lighter sentence since he is a first offender.

Omuria, pleaded to the court to give him between six and seven years’ jail sentence since he has five children in the refugee settlement to look after. He added that he and his family are victims of war in South Sudan.

Mubiru then sentenced the convict to 11 years and 3 months’ imprisonment saying that the jail sentence is after he deducted one year and 9 months he spent in remand. 

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