Dead Baby Dumped at Kavule Garbage Site

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  Residents of Makerere Kavuule a city suburb in Kawempe Division have recovered a dead baby boy at one of the garbage dumping site in their area.    

The body was recovered by residents together with a Kampala Capital City Authority garbage collection vehicle team. Kavule police post officers were called to the scene, and the body has been conveyed to the city Mortuary Mulago for the postmortem.    

The infant’s body was found wrapped in clothes. Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire has said the investigations and the hunt for the mother have started.  

According to Alex Mbalusha, a garbage collector from Kampala Capital City Authority, the body has some bruises in the neck, a sign that the killer strangled him before dumping the body.    

He said that the baby was visibly about three months old because he had fully grown hair. Alex explained that they have recovered more than 3 dead babies in the last three months in areas of Kimombasa, Bwaise along Tula Road, Katanga in Wandegeya and Kalelwe along the Northern-bypass.  

  Other witnesses speculated that the infant was strangled by a frustrated Mother. One of them, Aisha Mabingo said the increasing cases of infanticides in slum areas these days are due to the irresponsible men who abandon women after making them pregnant.

  Nakyanzi Moreen, a street vendor alleges that such incidents of infanticide are committed by University students residing around. She said that some end up murdering their babies out of frustration by married men who disown them amidst and high poverty.  

  Lubowa Sam the Vice Chairman of the area said they have registered several of such incidents since the COVID-19 lockdown started last year. He condemned acts of killing innocent children.  

We condemn these acts that keep on increasing, young girls get unprepared-for pregnancies from men who are also not ready to have families and end committing murder,” Said SamLubowa.  “You never know what that baby could have become in the future.” 

On Monday, Police in Nabweru, Nansana Municipality arrested Sarah Nanteza, for having killed her one day old baby and dumped him in a pit latrine. 

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that, on interrogation, she said that the father of the child was not taking care of her .

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