LC-1 Boss Burns Church to Ashes of Ash Wednesday

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Over 200 Christians in St. Anthony Catholic Church-Amorwogora in Palam Sub County of Katakwi District are stranded after their church caught fire and burnt to ashes on the eve of Ash Wednesday.

Gerald Irikot, the LC-1 Chairperson Amorwongora Village in Ngariam Parish is being blamed by Christians for the bush fire that resulted into the loss of their worship place on the eve of Ash Wednesday.

James Ipangit, a Church member says the burning of the gardens by their area LC-1 Chairperson resulted in the burning of the church that is located at Amorwongora Primary School.   As a result, Christians who took about six months constructing this grass thatched church in 2008 were on Ash Wednesday forced to pray under the tree.

The prayers were led by catechist Simon Peter Okubal. 

Irikot, 61, admits that the fire originated from his bush burning action but pleads that he even extinguished fire after burning his gardens in preparation for the first rains. But, he explains, it later when he was surprised to notice that the nearby church had caught fire. 

Irikot, a member of the same church, swears that he didn’t intend to burn it but suspects that it is the wind that carried a bird’s nest with fire and burnt the church.

Peter Angiro, chairman laity says it’s upon the LC-1 Chairperson and God to decide whether he will reconstruct the church or it