Sad: Nabweru Woman Kills Baby, Dumps Body in Toilet

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Police in Nabweru of Nansana Municipality have arrested a woman for allegedly strangling her baby and dumping him in a pit latrine.    

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that Sarah Nanteza, a resident of Nabweru in Nansana Municipality of Wakiso District, killed her one day old baby on Monday morning.      

Police officers at Nabweru police said that Nantenze’s neighbours and her boyfriend whose name has been withheld by police became suspicious after the baby was not seen nor heard crying. They alerted police, who immediately arrested Nanteza.      

On interrogation, she admitted to dumping the baby in a pit latrine and directed the police which went with the fire brigade and the body was retrieved. She said that the father of the child was not taking care of her and that with no source of income, it was difficult to look after the baby.        

But Police’s preliminary investigations show that Nanteza has two boyfriends, one who stays in Dubai and the  the father of the child in Uganda. However, after hearing that the Dubai boyfriend was soon returning home, she decided to do away with the baby which was the evidence that could give her away that she had been pregnant.        

“She heard that the boyfriend was returning to Uganda, yet the Dubai boyfriend did not know anything of her being pregnant, that’s why she decided to kill the baby so that she can unite and go with the Dubai boyfriend,” said Onyango.       

Onyango said that police investigations are still going on and that a murder case has been opened against Nanteza, while the body has been taken to the city mortuary for  postmortem.    

“We have recorded statements from the witnesses, her and the boyfriend and we’re about to complete our investigations,” Onyango added. “We appeal to young ladies to be focused and avoid acts they will regret later.”       

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