Don’t Oppose the Men of God, Archbishop Kazimba Implores Christians

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The archbishop of the church of Uganda the Most Rev Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has implored Christians to support their clergy towards the development of the church especially when they are focused and doing the right things.

The cleric said that the achievements of the men of God will one day be left to Christians when they the clergy retire.

“Brothers and sisters never oppose these men of God especially when they are focused and doing the right things because when they retire or transferred they leave everything in your hands”.

The archbishop was preaching at St. Matthew’s cathedral during a service to celebrate nine years of South Ankole Diocese. The Diocese, curved from Ankole and West Ankole Dioceses, was born on 8th January 2012, and Rt. Rev Nathan Ahimibisbwe consecrated as the first Bishop.

The belated celebrations were attended by a few selected clergy, lay leaders, politicians, and Christians in bid to uphold the standard operating procedures as set by the Ministry of Health.

At the celebrations that fell on Valentine’s Day, the Dr Kaziimba preached work and togetherness amongst Christians as they start the journey for the tenth year of the diocese. He urged Christians to go back to work and look for what will bring development since the political season is done.

“Politics is done, elections are over let us continue, let us go back to work, let us support one another, let us not fight but always look for what will bring development,” he said. 

Hon Gerrard Karuhanga, Ntungamo Municipality member of Parliament, partially agreed with the archbishop, saying that moving on from politics is right only if it is through a free and fair process, not a military operation as opposed to an election, giving the basis for one to challenge the results in courts of law. 

Rt Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe, diocesan Bishop said the diocese was developing tremendously because it was free from corruption and misuse of church funds.

Kenneth Katamirwa, a Christian commended the bishop for the good work he has done in the diocese in the last nine years.

Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has for three days been on a pastoral visit in Ntungamo district where he commissioned several agro business projects set up by the diocese during the nine years. The projects include a 273-acre coffee plantation, 16-acre banana plantation and a hatchery among others. 

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