Your Excellency, Attilio Pacifici inform EU to allow our Democracy to Organically Grow – Akampa Tanbull

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Your Excellency, Amb. Attilio, I bring you and your entire EU delegation in Uganda greetings from Kahengye, Kebisoni Town Council, Rukungiri District.
The District I think you and your delegation are a bit familiar with because of the fact that it is one of those districts where European Union delegation sent a number of election observers before, during and after elections. Off course, Your fleet of luxurious cars could not go un noticed!

You will so much agree with me that in this District of Rukungiri which was previously dominated by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

The January 14th general elections were very much free and fair even when it was this time around won massively by National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni with over 75%!

Sir, I am writing to you over the issues your Parliament discussed a few days ago, where your legislators allege that the general elections of 14th January 2021 in Uganda were neither democratic nor transparent and this same Parliament of yours went further to threaten sanctions against individuals and organisations assumed to have violated human rights.
Further more, you demand for immediate release of all those who were detained and charges must be unconditionally dropped!

Yes, whereas we appreciate Uganda’s cordial relationship with the European Union, we request that you should perhaps leave our democracy to organically grow. Do not force your imported democracy unto our Country as well, do not undermine not only our electoral processes, respect our judicial systems, allow them to function independently and free from any foreign influence.

We need not to say leave these issues of Uganda’s democracy to Ugandans to freely determine the kind of Governance or leadership they want as a sovereign Country.

The reason we do not poke our noise into what is happening in Germany, France and other Countries during their elections, it should be the same principle for our coexistence.

We are asking ourselves, Why are they rushing us? Why don’t you discuss your own elections, why can’t you discuss Russia, USA or China’s democracy?

By the way, a section of Ugandans are critical even when it comes to aid and trade, the terms of trade do not favour our goods on your market yet you claim to be giving us aid and grants/loans yet same contracts and tenders are taken up by your own companies, you boost of grants to construct our roads, same foreign companies repatriate the money back to Europe which money came to Uganda as a loan.

In the future, we should be given grants and the roads are constructed by our own engineers and our own indigenous companies.

There is a school of thought moving around that Europe takes more from Afrika and gives back peanut in form of aid, therefore we should shift from aid to favourable balance of trade less of that you should have no voice in determining and influencing the way Uganda and Afrika should be Governed.

We are not being mean but we are starting to think that if Europe withdrew her aid Uganda will thrive and come out much more stronger, dependency is partly retarding Uganda!

Therefore, we implore you to appeal to your Parliament to focus on how to make trade between Uganda and Europe better on a win win balanced terms of trade, let our judicial system handle cases of human rights violations and electoral process challenges as we build or strengthen a better working relationship with European Union and her member states.

AKAMPA Tanbull
Concerned Ugandan*

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