Police Forces Minister to Surrender Corrupt NRM Official for Questioning

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There was drama at Luwero Diocese Guest House in Luwero town on Thursday after Policemen besieged a meeting called by State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda to arrest district official of National Resistance Movement Party who is accused of embezzlement.

Kiwanda who is also NRM Vice Chairperson for the central region had invited NRM Party leaders and former party candidates from Greater Luwero districts at Luwero Diocese Guest House to evaluate their performance in the 2021 general elections.

However, as the meeting went on, policemen led by Issa Balikitenda, the Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigations Department at Luwero Central Police Station surrounded the hotel and ordered one of the participants Zenar Nasur the District NRM Vice Chairperson to hand herself in for questioning over a fraud case.

Policemen were tipped off by Councillors who accuse Nasur together with Party publicist secretary Wasswa Tamale for allegedly embezzling 29 million Shillings which was disbursed by the NRM Party secretariat to facilitate candidates for district council positions and their agents on polling day.

The two have been in hiding since January 20, when they allegedly withdrew the money from the bank. But Kiwanda condemned the police for deploying heavily to arrest one person, and added, that such actions explain NRM’s dismal performance in the region.

Kiwanda ordered the Policemen to vacate the hotel premises and instead call their District Police Commander to reach him. But the police officers refused to heed to his demand leading to a verbal exchange between the policemen and Kiwanda’s aide identified only as Captain Kirumira.

Later, the police officers retreated to a location a stone-throw away from meeting hall but maintained close watch at entrances to ensure that Nasur doesn’t escape.

At around 5;30pm after the meeting Kiwanda pleaded with Policemen to allow him to drive Nasur to Luwero Central Police with the police convoy. Kiwanda met the area District Police Commander Abraham Tukundane briefly before surrendering Nasur to the CID detectives for a statement.

As Kiwanda was meeting the DPC, the councillors and youths leaders besieged the Police station demanding that Kiwanda leaves the detectives to investigate the accused official.

Doreen Nabukenya, the District Female Councillor for Katikamu sub-county and Wobulenzi town said Kiwanda’s action clearly indicates that he didn’t want Nasur arrested despite allegations against her. Nabukenya explained that although each of the NRM candidates for councillor positions was supposed to get one million shillings to pay agents on polling day, they never received the money to date.

Fatumah Nakalyango, the District Youths Councillor says that Nasur is also accused of pocketing money which was released by the party secretariat to delegates during the youths elections. Nakalyango said that Kiwanda was attempting to interfere with Police investigations to let Nasur go scotfree.

However, Kiwanda declined to comment and instead jumped into his car registration number UAJ 661X before driving away.

Abraham Tukundane, the Luwero District Police Commander said that Nasur was detained to record a statement on the case of fraud that was allegedly filed against her by councillors.

Last week Abraham Byandala the Katikamu North Member of Parliament and District NRM Party treasurer also recorded a statement in which he said that he signed a cheque and handed it to Nasur to withdraw the money to pay the councillors but was equally surprised to learn that the money was never delivered.

Earlier on Nasur told URN Reporter  that she withdrew the money and used it for mobilization on Local Government elections. Nasur adds that she got the circular after using the money and shared the accountabilities with NRM secretariat.      

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