Museveni, what if you picked interest into the alleged Kidnappings – Akampa

Your Excellency Sir, allow me bring to you greetings from Kira Municipality, Wakiso District.

Here in Kira, in the recent elections as NRM we managed to get an LC3 Chairperson for Kira division, the Mayor for Kira Municipality came from National Unity Platform ( NUP) and the Member of Parliament came from Forum For Democratic Change (FDC), this shows you how this part of Wakiso is not easily influenced by the so called NUP wave, the rating of the civic conscious of voters here in Kira Municipality is not something to take for granted.

Most NRM candidates had issues even in Primaries, most of them manipulated the voting exercise and got the NRM flag!

But still NRM as a party did not have formidable structures of 30 people per cell/village, still there was in house fights or wrangles which gave an extra added advantage to the opposition parties to win most of the positions in this municipality.
In the next general elections NRM should be in position to do better given the fact that lessons have been learnt and experiences taken.

Your Excellency, given the fact that you are always busy with limited time to meet, have a one on one or listen to the Wanaichi like me, I have decided to again use this medium of communication to relay the concerns of most Ugandans especially those leaving in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono, there are concerns over alleged Kidnappings taking place in these areas, some could be stage managed, others are real in broad day light and at night in drone vehicles, some in casual clothes, others in army uniforms! These incidents need to be investigated Sir, reason being that they are making Ugandans live in fear, whether opposition and even some of us who support NRM, we can no longer boost of the peace NRA/NRM ushered in because we are always reminded of what happened in the mid 1980s!

These reports of people disappearing could also be a ploy by the opposition forces to weaken the NRM regime, it could also be the Plan B, Dr Kizza Besigye and others are always talking about, it could also be part of NUP’s agenda to discredit NRM and incite violence among or make Ugandans hate you and NRM poor supporters like me.

The Uganda Police through its spokesperson have distanced themselves, the minister of Internal affairs, has done the same and lastly the Army through their spokesperson Afande Byekwaso yesterday said that people are being picked for some reasons. Which reasons are not being disclosed to the general Public yet Ugandans are so concerned and need to know the motive as to why these people are being picked.

Most of the people disappearing are young people or youthful and if they have engaged themselves in subversive activities, let us be able to identify all active political youth in Buganda and take them for political and ideological orientation so that they can also see the light of being patriotic and get to understand that being opposition does not call for one to engage in subversive activities.

They should be investigated further and aligned into courts of Law and if they are found guilty, they can go and serve in prisons but let justice prevail so that we don’t have to live in fear as Ugandans, because non of us is safe, whether NUP, FDC, NRM supporters, we or I receive threatening and abusive e-mails, text messages and phone calls almost on a daily basis because of being vocal and pro-Museveni or NRM diehards!

Actually some Ugandans think we are being paid to write or even talk about the good things NRM has achieved even when it is not the case!

Your excellency Y.K Museveni, Sir, please come out and make a pronouncement about these kidnaps, I got a list from a one (Robert a staunch NUP supporter) of people who have alleged disappeared including his two brothers. Please I will avail the list to you for further investigations, they claim that Uganda Police has not or is not helping them find their lost persons.

Let us be able to move through Buganda region with our heads high boosting of a peaceful environment NRM ushered in Uganda.

We will be grateful if this issue is given your utmost consideration and let me hope I will not also be picked up by un known persons for writing to you about the plight of Ugandans!

For God and My Country Uganda.

AKAMPA Tanbull
Political Analyst/Concerned Citizen

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