Museveni is a pure ICC candidate, Bobi Wine reacts after visiting tortured supporter

Museveni is a pure ICC candidate, Bobi Wine reacts after visiting tortured supporter. Whisper Eye.

The outgoing Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi has come out to indicate that Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be dragged to International Criminal Court (ICC).

Bobi Wine states below ;

This evening, we checked on our brother and comrade Segawa Ronald at hospital. Segawa was kidnapped by security operatives and for about two weeks, his whereabouts were not known by any body. They searched everywhere, until they discovered him at Mulago hospital where he was brought to the mortuary because they thought he was dead. On inquiring, they were told that he was found abandoned on the roadside. It seems after torturing him, they thought he had died.

Segawa is the young man who appeared in a video, painted in yellow colors, encouraging people to vote for us. In that video, he indicated that he was just hired and went for an NRM event to get some money, but he encouraged people to vote for me in the election. Since that time, operatives started trailing him and he expressed fear for his life to his friends and family.

It is horrendous what they did to him. His body is filled with wounds. He was burnt and electrocuted. Puss has been oozing out of his nose and eyes. It is a miracle to see that he can still breath.

This is Uganda in 2021. That is why we are taking Gen. Museveni to the ICC. He is a pure candidate. These crimes against humanity must be accounted for.

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