Sad Story: 20 People Killed in Moroto Municipality Within Six Weeks

Police in Karamoja region is investigating a gang that could have masterminded killings in which 20 lives have been lost over the last six weeks. The deaths were recorded in Moroto District and parts of Napak between December 24, 2020, to February 5, 2021.

The gangsters are breaking into homes, beating people and killing others. Some of the places where people used socialize are now being closed as early as 7 pm due to the fear created by criminal gangs in Moroto Municipality.

Clementina Achan, 30, a resident of Kambis village in Moroto Municipality was attacked by the gang at around 8 pm while on her way to her home. Achan, a passion fruit vendor said that was beaten and robbed of 100,000 Shillings when she met the gang on Friday.

Peter Lote, a resident of Narwosi village in Moroto Municipality was also attacked and his left ear cut off after failing to raise 400,000 Shillings that the attackers had asked for. He is currently admitted at Matany hospital.

Timothy Longok, a resident of Natumukaskwo lost his finger on Wednesday when he was attacked by the gang at around 9.00 pm. Similarly, Simon Longole, a resident of Nakapelimen village says that he lost all his property when the gang attacked his home.

Another incident involves a boy who was shot dead on Monday while watching a football match in Katanga village in the suburb of Moroto Municipality.

Micheal Longole, the South Karamoja Police Spokesperson confirmed the incidences but hastens to add that security agencies have Intensified patrols in the area. He said the police is working with the UPDF and Anti Stock theft unit. (ASTU) to restore sanity in the area.

Moses  Lokong, one of the concerned residents of Singila village in Moroto Municipality, said the presence of security forces on the streets of Kampala is not helping because the criminals are attacking people on daily basis but no arrest has been made so far.

“The patrol police who are supposed to be hunting for these criminals, just come and move around for a short time and they go back to sleep in their houses leaving criminal’s disturbing us,” he said.

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