A President who has no right to direct for an Investigation in a DGF- 500Bn Fund is not fit to head a State


AKAMPA Tanbull

Well, I know some of my colleagues from Civil society as well as opposition political parties will fume further because of this bitter truth about the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) whose activities have been suspended by the President of Uganda, Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa.

This has been a topic of discussion through out the week on both social media and mainstream media as well presented on the floor of Parliament.

Most Civil society activists have argued basing on the angle of lost jobs especially in Civil society and others are presenting the picture of how important this fund is or has been because it supports not only civil society work which work complements Government.

The 500Bn facility also funds some Government agencies and sectors. Like Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS), Governance sector ( IPOD- a platform or forum that brings all different Political parties together including NRM to discuss issues of Governance and political dispensation in the Country…), Parliament among others.

By the time the President moved to suspend the activities of this facility, he knew that both the Civil society and Government agencies were benefiting from this fund, and he clearly knew that some Ugandans and non Ugandans would loose sources of incomes.
That having been taken into account, as a President of a Country like Uganda, there is no way you can allow a 500Bn facility to freely operate in a Country without checks and balances or being audited, accountable or supervised by any Government agencies. No any Ugandan from any Government agency sits on the board of DGF!

And I think for a President who leaves such a huge fund to do its business without Government being represented on its board or knowing the procedures on how the fund is run or being managed is not fit to head a State thus the reason why President Museveni directed for a suspension using the powers given to him by the Constitution of Uganda, as well, there is no harm whatsoever in a President directing for an investigation in such a facility so that both the Government and the DGF can start on a clean page of a smooth, structured working relationship.

A President has a right to make sure that peace and sovereignty of a Country are protected thus it is in his mandate to direct for investigations where operations of any organization seem fishy!

DGF, You can not claim to be funding programmes of accountability by the Government to Citizens, yet you don’t want to be accountable to the authorities!

After investigations, DGF will restructure and work normally in a normal working environment with respect to the laws, regulations and procedures put in place by the Government of Uganda, therefore the contributing partner States have no any reasons to worry especially the European Union bloc, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands among others. All the President of Uganda is saying, is can DGF streamline its working mechanisms with in the Laws and regulations of Uganda as an independent Country.

Most civil society activists like my friend Mr Godber Tumushabe and others in the opposition political parties are mis- communicating this suspension, saying the regime is panicking and is scared. That people are fearing the Government and Government is fearing the people! This is not true, the NRM Government with President Museveni at the helm is still solid and attracts massive support from Ugandans, the reason it is a mass political party and from the just concluded general elections, NRM has won over 85% of all political positions of leadership in the Country.

Let us give the trust to investigations as directed by President Museveni in the DGF operations, and when the investigations are done, the suspension will be removed and work of DGF and its beneficiaries will be streamlined.

For God and My Country Uganda.

AKAMPA Tanbull
Political Activist

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