Unfiltered: Non of us imagined that such impunity will ever be witnessed during Museveni’s regime – Nambooze


I have believe that the army and police are telling us the truth….These security outfits of ours are not the one kidnapping people around Kampala and neighbouring districts. General Felix Kulaigye even went deeper by giving us som crucial information that the UPDF has never bought or even owned even a single DRONE VAN.

You see our police and army are highly trusted as custodians of peace and tranquility….as enforcers of laws and orders, they have an outstanding record…infact this is the one area where Museveni beats Amin and Obote hands down…our forces are the most disciplined institutions in the country…Respectful, honest, professional and ethical Cops we have ever had since independence in October 1962. These security organs are subject to civilian authority and when Master Museveni joined partisan politics he retired from the army and hanged up the combat in favour of the Kanzu.

My nephew has been missing for three weeks now….I must believe what the security institutions are telling us…..They are not the one who are kidnapping and causing the disappearance of our people.

Now my dear constables as the in charge of the country’s security for the protection of people and their property what are you doing to apprehend the criminals that are terrorising Ugandans? I mean,how come that criminals have overthrown the Government and captured the State to the extent that they can boldly drive around the city terrorising citizens holding them for a long time and in some cases make relatives to fundraise around millions of shillings to buy freedom.

If you can imagine the impunity of these criminals…two weeks ago came and parked near Zebra Ssenyange,raid his home,beat up his children harassed his wife and later killed him. After these criminals murdering Zebra and even made the Prseident apologise for “our soldiers killing the Country’s number one boxer.

Zebra who was murdered by mistake as the police “mistook him for an escaping criminal”9…Those are the Drone Van’s for you…I last see a similar thing in 1979 with the kidnapper and murderers who then used vehicle with a number plate reading UVS…. Uganda you are such an interesting and highly saddening Nation!!

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