NRM Dominates LCIII Seats in West Acholi Districts

The National Resistance Movement Party–NRM has dominated the LCIII seats in West Acholi Districts in the just concluded LCIII elections.

In 48 Sub Counties and Town Councils in the districts Amuru, Nwoya, Omoro and Gulu, NRM took 24 seats while independent candidates scooped 12 seats. The Democratic Party –DP and Forum for Democratic Change –FDC took six positions each in the Sub –Counties and Town Councils across the four districts.

Out of 13 Sub Counties and Town Councils in Amuru, NRM had a lion’s share of seven Sub Counties of Layima, Lamogi, Pabbo, Pogo and the Town Councils of Atiak, Amuru and Pabbo. FDC and Independent Candidates equally shared the remaining Sub –Counties which include Opara, Atiak, Guru –Guru, Amuru, Lakang and Elegu Town Council.

In Nwoya, NRM took three Sub Counties and a Town Council out of nine Sub –Counties and Town Councils. They are Lii, Got Apwoyo, Lungulu Sub Counties and Koch –Goma Town Council.   DP took Paminyai, Anaka and Alero Sub –Counties while Independent Candidates took Purongo Town Council and Kock –Goma Sub County.

Meanwhile, nine candidates were elected as the LCIII of Odek, Lalogi, Akidi, Orapwoyo, Koro, Bobi, Aremo Sub –Counties and Acet, and Omoro Town Councils. DP took the Sub Counties of Labora, Abuga and Ongako. Lakwaya and Lakwana Sub –Counties were taken by independent candidates as FDC took only Palenga Sub –County.

In Gulu district, independent candidates dominated the seats with five LCIII elects in the Sub Counties of Awach, Patiko, Unyama, Owalo and Pukony. NRM followed with its candidates taking the four Sub Counties of Bungatira, Paicho, Owoo and Paibona, while FDC took Palaro and Omel Sub Counties.

Charles Okello, the newly elected Chairman of Paicho Sub County in Gulu district under the NRM party ticket told URN in an interview that his priorities for the five-year term in office are to improve on production, business, education and health.

Peter Ocira, the LCIII elect of Amuru Sub County under the FDC party ticked said he will work jointly with other leaders to develop Amuru district regardless of party affiliation.

He said he will work hard to see that Acera Parish in Amuru Sub County becomes a Sub County of its own and that each of the parishes in Amuru Sub County shall have a school in a bid to improve on the standards of education.

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