Archbishop Odama Calls for Reconciliation in Arua Diocese

The Archbishop of Gulu Diocese His Grace John Baptist Odama has asked the clergy and Christians in Arua Diocese to reconcile and ask for forgiveness. Odama made the call on Thursday at the burial of late Rev. Fr. Cyril Adiga Nakari at Otumbari Catholic Parish in Terego district on Thursday.

Rev. Fr. Adiga, who has been University Secretary Nile University Campus, an affiliate of Uganda Martyrs University and Chairman Board of Directors Bishop Drandua Foundation, died at Arua regional referral hospital on Sunday.

Fr. Adiga and four other Priests in Arua Diocese were four years ago accused by Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki of Arua diocese of allegedly  planning to assassinate him and the matter was taken to Court and also investigated by the Nunciature. Bishop Sabino also went ahead and suspended Fr. Adiga and four other priests from Priesthood.

However, in his homily to thousands of mourners, Bishop Odama called on Bishop Odoki and the other Clergy in Arua Diocese to reconcile and forgive one another if the diocese is to grow in faith.   

Bishop Sabino called on the Clergy and the Laity to emulate the life of late Fr. Adiga who, he said reconciled with him before his death.   

However, Julius Kinyera, a City Lawyer based in Kampala who has been mediating in the Don Dino orphanage conflict between Fr. Adiga and the administration of Ediofe Cathedral parish urged the Diocesan Administration to reconsider reviewing the case.

Last year, Adiga clashed with Monsignor Kasto Adeti, the Parish Priest of Ediofe Cathedral parish over ownership of St. Kizito Orphanage Primary School.

St. Kizito Orphanage Primary School, St. Assumpta Health Centre III and Don Dino Orphanage Center were established by the late Bishop Frederick Drandua, on a 20 acres piece of land of Ediofe parish where he retreated to after his retirement.

Following Drandua’s death, Fr. Adiga and two other priests and some Christians registered Bishop Drandua foundation to manage the three facilities.

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