Big Win: ANT Wins Sub County LCIII Seat in Serere

The Alliance for National Transformation- ANT has won the Pingire Sub County Chairperson seat in Serere district.

Norbert Ikwarit whoty garnered 2,323 votes against NRM’s John Robert Etieu with 1,455 and FDC’s John Daniel Opurusi who trailed with 422 votes.   Ikwarit is the second person to win a seat in Serere district after Simon Ocamute who won District Councilor seat for Ochapa Town Council during the LCV election.

Serere district elections for sub-county chairperson were dominated by NRM which secured eight seats followed by FDC, four seats and two independents. 

Only two incumbent sub-county chairpersons retained seats across Serere district. They include John Esadu, an independent for Kyere Sub County and George William Oumo of FDC in Kyere Town Council.

In Kaberamaido district, only four incumbents retained their seats. They include FDC’s Charles Kennedy Ojuku and Paul Ewoyu of Ochero and Aperikira Sub Counties respectively and NRM’s Francis Ecolu and Moses Esemu of Kaberamaido and Kobulubulu Sub Counties.

The other five sub-counties were taken by new entrants. Ochero Town Council and Okile Sub County had independents; Raymond Enyaru and Isaac Engwau respectively. FDC won Orimai Sub County which was taken by Patrick Epilu while NRM won Alwa Sub County and Kaberamaido Town Council. Alwa was taken by John Odongo and Kaberamaido Town council taken by Shika Shika Idi.

In Kumi district, only three sub-county chairpersons retained seats. They include Charles Aisu, an independent for Ongino Sub County, NRM’s Aziz Abdul Ongodia of Kumi Sub County and FDC’s Stephen Odongo of Mugongoro Sub County.

The other 15 sub-counties including two divisions in Kumi Municipality had new faces. NRM won eleven slots while others were taken by independent candidates. 

The NRM victors in Kumi LCIII race were David Ogira of Kanapa Sub County, John Justine Akol of Ongino Town Council, Simon Shane Malinga of Kadami Sub County, Gilbert Max Okou of Nyero Sub County, John Bosco Emenyat of South Division and David Esele of North Division. The others are Ben Ochilakol of Tisai Sub County, Joseph Ayedeke of Mukongoro Town Council, Patrick Ekoot of Atutur Sub County, Musa Akol of Kanyum Sub County and Joseph Orem of Ogooma Sub County.

In Bukedea District, NRM won nine out of 13 LCIII seats. FDC won only Bukedea Sub County while Kongunga Town Council, Aligoi and Aminit sub-counties won by independent candidates.

  The district had only five incumbent sub-county chairpersons retain seats in Kangole, Kocheka, Kongunga, Kamutur and Kidongole sub-counties.  

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