Two Luwero NRM Officials Wanted over Alleged Fraud

The police in Luwero are hunting for two District National Resistance Movement- NRM party officials over alleged fraud.

The officials in trouble are Zenar Nasur, the Luwero District NRM Vice-Chairperson and Wasswa Tamale, the Publicity Secretary for the Party. They are accused of embezzling 29 Million Shillings meant for NRM flag bearers for District Councillor seats.

Isah Ssemogerere, the Savannah Regional Police Spokesperson says that the two were reported to Police by NRM District Councilors led by Aisha Kayaga who represents Butuntumula Sub County for allegedly disappearing with sums of money meant for them during elections.

Semwogerere adds that the officials are being wanted to explain the whereabouts of the money and the purpose of receipt.

According to a circular released by NRM Directorate of Administration and Finance on 20th January this year, the party released one million shillings to each councillor on the party ticket to help them pay polling agents and mobilize voters on polling day.

The money was deposited across district party bank accounts on 20th January this year.

29 NRM flag bearers were supposed to benefit in the disbursement.

Herbert Kigo the District Councillor for Kalagala Sub County Councillor says that since NRM disbursed the money none of the intended beneficiaries has received it and efforts to claim it from the party account signatories has been futile.

Kigo adds that the two officials withdrew the money and pocketed leaving them stuck with debts accrued from participating in elections. He adds they resolved to report the matter to Police after the officials declined to release the matter to them.

Doreen Nabukenya the District Female Councillor for Katikamu Sub County and Wobulenzi town says that majority of party flag bearers lost elections and need money to clear the debts.

Flavia Nakitende the District Female Councillor for Kalagala Sub County says that they have already notified NRM secretariat who directed to report the officials to Police.

Nakitende, however, expressed concern that there has been a delay from Police to apprehend the accused persons to recover the money from them.

Last week Zenar Nasur the NRM Vice Chairperson said that she withdrew the money and used it for mobilization for Local Government elections. Nasur adds that she received the circular after using the money and she has accountability for the expenses.

Nasur adds she has already shared the accountabilities with NRM secretariat and ready to do the same with Police.

Money has further divided the NRM mobilizers and District Party officials.

URN has also learnt that money which NRM party released for village chairpersons in Luwero and district women councils to campaign for President Yoweri Museveni didn’t reach the intended mobilizers. 

The chairpersons and women council leaders are also bitter after failing to access the money. In August 2020 over 27 million shillings meant to facilitate 606 youths, village flag bearers were embezzled in Luwero leaving them crying foul.

It is believed that these are some of the reasons why Museveni could have performed poorly in the district over disgruntlement of the mobilizers.

According to Presidential results for Luwero, Museveni obtained only 41,166 votes (27.94%) and his arch-rival NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu scored 103 782 votes (70.45%).    

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