Mukono Police Stuck with 2 Mentally Challenged, Pregnant Women

Police in Mukono is stuck with two mentally challenged pregnant women whose origins are still unknown.

One of the woman has been identified as Joan Jolline Akakayo, 20, who dropped at the police station by Joseph Kalurwa the secretary for defense Njerere ward in Ggoma Division Mukono municipality.

The other one whose names are still hard to establish and is also a deaf, was dropped at police by Uganda National Association of Deaf four months back, after they picked her from Mbalala in Mukono. 

According to Alex Baligeya, a police officer attached to Mukono Family Protection Unit-FPU, Akakayo is about 5 months pregnant and from what she usually speaks, she could must have been a student of Art and Design at an institute they are yet to establish.

Baligeya notes that the deaf woman is also about 5 months pregnant but was dropped at police together with a child of about two years.

He says that police have tried to trace for the relatives of the women or any other persons responsible for the pregnancies but so far in vain. However, police also lacks the resources to sustain the pregnant women in their condition. He says that none of the two women recalls where they came from.

The Mukono District Probation Officer James Ntege says at this particular time it is only relatives who can offer necessary support to people in such situation. 

He appeals to the parents and persons with mental challenges to be extra cautious in ensuring their protection to avoid losing them at any point. 

Ntege also says the homes and foundations that would offer support within the district are also facing financial crisis and have since the covid-19 lockdown was declared, some stopped and other reduced support offered to the public.                                           

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