Big Story: NUP Decries Continued Security Office Siege

National Unity Platform-NUP party officials have complained about the security siege of their offices in the Kampala city suburbs of Kamwokya, saying it is hindering their efforts to collect evidence to support their petition challenging the presidential election results. 

Apparently, none of the party officials or members are currently accessing the offices because of heavy security deployment. This comes almost a week after High court ordered security to vacate the residence of the NUP party President, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu in Magere in Wakiso district after spending two weeks under siege.

 Security barricaded Kyagulanyi in his residence prior to the declaration of the contested presidential election results to allegedly stop him from inciting violence and riots among his supporters. Despite withdrawing from his residence, police and the military have maintained their presence at the NUP offices. 

NUP leaders say the security siege of their offices is frustrating their efforts to prepare for the hearing of their petition against challenging the victory of the incumbent president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

“Since the 15th of last month our offices have been under siege there is no activity we can carry from there, we have written to the Inspector General of Police, the Electoral Commission chairperson, but they are also waiting for the orders from above. This is unconstitutional,” said David Lubongoya, the NUP Secretary-General.    

He claims that the Field Force Unit and military officers who have pitched camp at their offices are turning away some party members with video and audio evidence of the malpractices that marred the election. 

According to Lubongoya, they cannot access many documents that they would use to support their petition before the Supreme Court because of the security blockade at their offices.  

Lubongoya says that they will petition court demanding that the officers vacate their offices because NUP is a registered political party in Uganda.   

  Recently, Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga without divulging details, said they detected security threats and decided to deploy to neutralize it. 

He declined to comment on the matter when contacted by our reporter on Tuesday, saying he needs to consult his superiors. 

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