Residents Capture Killer Crocodile

Residents of Kibuye village in Bukamba Sub County in Kaliro district have captured a killer crocodile.  The residents captured the crocodile on Sunday morning and are currently keeping it in a well near a borehole in Kibuye trading center for public viewing.    

The residents told URN on Monday morning that the crocodile that has been staying in Lake Kyoga waters had become a threat to their lives and their livestock. There were mixed views among the residents on what to do with the crocodile.  

  Some of the residents wanted it killed but the elders rejected the proposal, saying it should be passed on to Uganda Wildlife Authorities-UWA for safe custody. 

Mubarak Munafualiwo, who led a team of other fishermen to track down and capture the crocodile says it attempted to attack their colleagues’ boat near the shores prompting them to lay traps for it. 

  He says they had earmarked some spots where the crocodile would stay and stopped the community members from accessing the areas but said visitors would find themselves in trouble.

Francis Zzagenda, the Chairperson Kibuye landing site told URN that crocodiles are a menace to their community, which entirely depends on Lake Kyoga for survival. 

He says since there is little government intervention on identifying the risky areas, local leaders have resorted to sensitizing fishermen on how to co-exist with the crocodiles by zoning certain areas along the shoreline. 

Rose Kaziba, another resident says that they have witnessed an increase in the number of crocodiles along the shoreline for the last five months due to the ever-rising water levels.  She says some crocodiles have sought refuge in swamps where they waylay unsuspecting passersby. 

UWA Spokesperson, Bashir Hangi says efforts of retrieving the crocodile from the community are underway

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