Trite to note, that Courts are ordinarily temples of Justice. No amount of misuse & suffocation can erode the world cognizance of Courts as Centres of Justice & judges as agents of arbitration based on the law, justice,& in Common law nations like Uganda then also invoking customarily agreed norms and other substantial values of social harmony.

Courts have additional discretion to take legal and judicial notice of some aspects and issues not necessarily presented or accurately proved in Court.No court need evidence to agree that Uganda is in East Africa,That Uganda has gone through an election period e.t.c.

l would be surprised if Court needs hard evidence to understand that the army and Police directly interfered in the electoral process, murdered and kidnapped citizens, Candidate Kyagulanyi kidnapped on nomination day, denied access to voters in multiple regions, his offices taken over by Militias, agents kidnapped among other ironical & electoral rights-violating sceneries.

The hijack of the entire electoral process by Militias from the known Electoral Commission was visible even to the blind to feel assuming the judges actually live in Uganda. On assumption that Uganda has a resemblance of a legal and judicial system, a time like this when it’s not just parties to a suit but an election petition of great national importance and values, arising from an election season that ordinarily featured like a war zone requires our courts to defeat the odd of the historical curse and be seen to offer justice to Uganda and Ugandans.

The choice by NUP TO FILE A PETITION ARISING FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS does not erode NUP multiple options but only solidify the NUP long marketed value of Justice and fighting to restore the rule of law in Uganda.

This requires exposing the systems of governance and justice through internationally acceptable measures like Court process. indeed in spite of the historical mistrust of our Courts inter aria on matters of Presidential election petitions, it was prudent that NUP registers acceptable evidence by exposing the judicial system as it will henceforth expose so soon.

Further with the blockade on social and mainstream media, A court session will be a great ground to expose the real electoral process as it happened and the real results.

Moving a step away from the Byabakama unsubstantiated rhetoric dubbed results that have been denounced by NUP as Untrue and Fraudulent,the Court session will directly put to test its accuracy, source and expose the hidden truth.

With the public keenly following the truth as laid in Court, it won’t only be a judicial decision at the end but the resolute public will equally decide and will definitely decide.

It’s now the People reclaiming their rights and among options, Court redress is and was inevitable.


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