NBS Television and Dalton Kaweesa were deliberately giving the public wrong updates about the election on January 14th – Obedgiu Samuel

NBS Television and Dalton Kaweesa were deliberately giving the public wrong updates about the election on January 14th.

By Obedgiu Samuel

This election confirmed that NBS Television & NXT Radio UG is part of a wider “clandestine” propaganda machinery of the state & its deep state.

NBS Television is a small cog in a much bigger propaganda machinery.

Three (3) months preceeding the election, NBS hired a number of developers to work on a system for the 2021 elections. In the days of the general election, most of these people were chased away and they kept a few people around. This system would be fed with information coming from the spreadsheets complied by those girls who would tally what they had received from NBS jounrnalist sent around the country.

Remember those girls you saw on NBS TV that Canary Mugume was interviewing as part of the that were receiving results by phone call from the different poling stations in the different districts NBS had stationed it’s reporters? None of of them remembers Yoweri Kaguta Museveni being in the lead, basing on the 20 Districts they were getting, apart from koboko and few Western Uganda districts. However, what they were forwarding to Dalton Kaweesa isn’t what NBS was announcing for the public.

Most of those girls who were tallying those results, putting it on a spreadsheet and forwarding it to Dalton kawesa were furious when what they were forwarding to Dalton Kaweesa was fundamentally different from what the station was announcing to the public.
Kin Kariisa and Dalton kaweesa have alot to answer for where they were getting the results they were announcing. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and SFC perhaps?!

It’s very suspicious that no one was allowed to have a parallel tally centre apart from NBS. Even those that were accredited to have one in Africana Hotel were subsequently arrested. Police only released them when they showed their accreditation. But by that time, they had already been disorganized. How come NBS was not tampered with?

The real owner of NBS is Natasha Karugire, the daughter of Museveni. This kin kariisa man, is just a façade to confuse the public. He is just a smock screen or a proxy owner of that channel.

This station is more concerned with pushing certain narratives into the public domain instead of laying down the facts

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