Bumper Crop Harvest Triggers Domestic Violence in Amuru

There is an upsurge in cases of domestic violence in Amuru district resulting from a bumper crop harvest. Just like other parts of Northern Uganda, Amuru district produces several tons of crops, which are harvested between October and November, annually.

The crops include among others simsim, cassava, beans, groundnuts and sorghum among others. Many couples in Amuru district are reportedly fighting over the ownership and sale of the crops harvested from their gardens.  

Joseph Tuku Peke, the Ogali Village Chairperson in Pamuca Parish Amuru Sub County disclosed to URN that his office registers at least seven cases of domestic violence weekly.  Tuku Peke explained that this is opposed to previously when crops were still in the garden where he would register a single case of domestic violence in a month.  

Most of the cases involve women who try to block their husbands from selling the produce and end being assaulted by their husbands and vice versa.  The latest cases were registered this week between Odonga Ongom and his two wives Aciro Concy and Santa Ladur.  

The women ganged up against Odonga for trying to sell off several kilograms of simsim from the house for reasons best known to him without consulting his wives. He sustained several injuries.

The matter was settled by the office of Ogali Village Chairperson. Also, Polycarp Oketta and his wife, Pamela Lanyero fought on Wednesday following disagreements over the sale of eleven bags of groundnuts that the family harvested recently from their gardens.

Joseph Tuku Peke, the Ogali village LC I chairperson, says that they have embarked on community sensitization on better ways to solve problems other than engaging in violence. 

Communities in Northern Uganda rely on agriculture as their major source of food, income and livelihood.  

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