The UPDF new MPs signify the transition in the making – Akampa Tanbull

The UPDF NEW MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT Signify the transition in the making…

Well be back from the tiresome and expensive process of general elections. The process was generally peaceful and calm in most parts of the Country as well free and fair at all levels including Parliamentary and Presidential elections. Congratulations to the winners especially H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, who was our official flag bearer as the NRM Family, the mass party. A lot awaits ahead for you as an individual and your new Government (will discuss this topic in the course of next week). All in all, those who lost( including Hon Robert Kyaguranyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine and others, it is not the end of life. Be positive about what the future holds and let us serve Ugandans in other different capacities so as to continue influencing and determining the Uganda we all want.

Well, the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Council has elected new representatives to the 11th Parliament.

In a meeting held at the Land Forces Headquarters in Bombo, the Commander-in-Chief of the UPDF H.E Gen (Rtd) Kaguta Museveni called upon the new members of Parliament to support the seven key priority areas that include; equipping the army, roads, railway and water ways, electricity, health education, salaries for the scientists and the armed forces and wealth funds.

Gen Museveni further emphasized “Equipping our Armed Forces to be second to none in our region of Africa; and I will not compromise on that.”

He added that the Army MPs are in Parliament to be a conveyor belt for National issues and be listening posts. He added that this is on the account of the history of Uganda which like some other African countries had become ungovernable and a failed state. The members of the Constituent Assembly found it wise to include 10 members of Parliament to represent the UPDF.

The newly elected Members of Parliament to represent the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces include.
Three on women slot include:
Col Dr Victor Nekesa,
Lt Col Charity Bainababo,
Maj Dr Jennifer Alanyo
and the other slots were taken up
Gen David Muhoozi
Gen Edward Katumba Wamala
Lt Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi
Lt Gen Peter Elwelu
Lt Gen James Mugira
Maj Gen Henry Matsiko
Maj Gen Sam Kavuma

Well, congratulations to the Men and Women in Uniform for holding peaceful elections and sending in not only qualified turks but also able leaders for the future Uganda. If you are to go by the list, you realize that the new MPs are part of the most educated cohorts with in the army cycles and ranks and this means that they are being introduced to the politics of the Country to gain the experience of engaging the wanaichi and strike a balance between real legislation work that awaits the 11th Parliament, real debate in the August house vs the comedians (katemba actors) brought by political party MPs especially those from the National Unity Platform (NUP) who have been sent to Parliament by a wave.

The new educated, professional UPDF members of Parliament seem to be having a clear agenda which is more sane and preparing the Country for a political transition, this is a bigger picture that most Ugandans will not see or believe especially those in opposition.

This is one of the reasons as to why Gen Elly Tumwine has not made it back to Parliament and will never make it again because he does not represent the future, he speaks for the past Uganda.

Uganda, let us prepare for the coming transition of power from President Museveni to another president in a few years to come. Keep hopeful that he is not here to stay, position yourselves to serve Uganda in which ever capacity you can.
Together we achieve more, a new dawn for Uganda is loading.

AKAMPA Tanbull
Political Analyst

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