Just In: Court Dismisses Vote Recount Petitions in Teso

The Soroti Chief Magistrates Court has dismissed for a vote recount applications for the parliamentary elections held mid this month.   The dismissed applications were filed in relations to the election results of Kapelebyong County, Kapelebyong Woman, Gweri County and Soroti County Members of parliament.

The Kapelebyong County dispute involved the incumbent, Julius Ocen and newly elected MP, Anthony Esenu. The application for Kapelebyong Woman MP involved the MP-elect, Jacinta Atuto and her close challenger, Florence Adupo. The one for Gweri County involved the MP-elect, Tom Julius Ekudo and incumbent Soroti County MP, Kenneth Esiangu Eitunganane who opted for the newly created county.

While Samuel Eninu also asked for a vote recount against the winner of Soroti County, Patrick Aeku. The applications were jointly filed against winners and Electoral Commission. The applicants complained about ballot stuffing, inflation of votes and other irregularities during the polls that cost them victory.

However, on Friday, the Soroti Chief Magistrate, Monica Amono ruled on Friday that all applications lacked substantial evidence to warrant a vote recount. The ruling comes just days after the first three applications of similar nature were dismissed by the same court.

They included the one for Ngora County filed by the loser Juliet Achayo Lodou against the incumbent, David Abala who was re-elected. The other is the Kumi District Woman MP, Monica Amoding who lost to Christine Apolot.  Hearing of the applications commenced on Monday.

The others were heard between Tuesday and Thursday and the ruling delivered on Friday. Majority of the applicants have indicated that they will petition High Court over the matter.

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