Big Story: Napak residents flee homes as Armed Warriors Intensify Attacks

Residents of Ngoleriet Sub County in Napak district have deserted their homes because of persistent attacks by suspected armed warriors. According to residents, at least six people have been killed by the warriors from January 1st, 2021 to date.  

The latest victim was killed around 11 pm in Kalotom village in Ngoleriet Sub County in Napak district on Friday night. Richard Aruk Maruk, a Retired Police Commissioner, says that he called police to rescue the situation but the officers feared that the warriors may be many in number and overpower them.

“Whenever the incidents happen I do call police but they don’t act I don’t know what’s going on,” he said. Moses Obonyo, a resident says warriors have intensified the attacks but nothing has been done to contain the situation. “We don’t know whether we are Ugandans who deserve to be protected or what because the government has not come to our rescue despite all these incidents,” he said.

Jimmy Tebanyang, the Ngoleriet sub-county LC V councillor, who also doubles as Napak District NRM chairperson, says most families have abandoned their homes and have moved to nearby schools. “The situation is getting out of hand and I am ashamed as the district NRM Chairperson am always being blamed that the sitting government is not helping,” he said.

Brig Joseph Balukudembe, the UPDF 3rd Division Commander, says the situation is under control and advises the public to work with the security personnel to get rid of the culprits. “We regret the incidents but the situation is under control and we shall work with the stakeholders to get rid of those criminals,” he said.

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