Makerere University fire report six months later is no where

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By Obedgiu Samuel

Mrs. Grace Akullo, the Director of Criminal Investigations Directorate-CID received a report on the fire that burnt Makerere University main building (Ivory Tower). She received a combined report from forensic and fire detectives in October, 2020 for review before it was to be presented to the public. However, it’s now January, 2021 and the report hasn’t been presented to the public.

As an alumni of Makerere I find it strange that the fire started from the roof and yet around August 2019 there was a major renovation of the tiles on that roof from where the fire started. It’s possible that the insiders who work for selfish interests of government officials who want to steal Makerere University land in places such as kololo, kabanyoro and Gayaza might have compromised that roof with flammable material so that it burns at some point in the future so that it looks like a mistake.

At the time of burning, the Vice Chancellor Barnabas Nawangwe said that most land titles of Makerere are kept in the bank. However, he admitted that due to the pending litigating some land titles were kept in the office or the University secretary who keeps the official seal of the university. As you already, know, that’s the place that saw the most fire. Instead of demanding a report on the fire, people like nawangwe are more interested in using the opportunity to raise money through fundraising.

For Makerere University the worst is yet to come..

The problem with that place is that it was captured by racketeering mafia cartels within the administration, that that serve not the interests of the University but personal financial goals. That fire was deliberate NOT an accident.

Too bad in Uganda investigations are never done, so we shall never get a forensic report detailing the exact cause!! But if these racketeering cartels within that University aren’t dismantled, Makerere University is going to lose much more than buildings.

It’s rather suspicious that the wing of the building that houses the offices of the University Secretary, finance, and human resource is one that burnt most!! Let’s just hope the land titles under the custody of the University secretary weren’t kept there.

Strike Machine.

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