Suicide Watch: Man Climbs Electricity Pylon in Ntinda Minister’s Village

Unidentified man has climbed an electric pylon in Minister’s Village in the city suburbs of Ntinda that carries high voltage power from Jinja.

Some of the residents claim the man, in his youthful age climbed the pylon around 7:00 am this morning.

“We saw him in the morning climbing and he was in the middle of the pylon but now he has proceeded up to the high end of the power line. We are yet to understand what has promoted his action,” noted one of the residents.

Kenneth Kanyike, the Ntinda Minister’s Village LC I Chairperson, says are doing their best to ensure that the incident doesn’t get worse.

“We got information that somebody had climbed the pylon carrying high voltage power from Jinja. This is a very dangerous situation. That is why we are here to try to secure the area,” Kanyike said.

Adding that, “We have alerted the area Police who have also alerted the Fire brigade and other agencies like Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) who are responsible for managing the line. All these agencies are on the ground right now,” he said. 

He said the groups are working together to bring the man down from the pylon. “We hope the situation will be resolved peacefully without anyone losing their lives,” Kanyike said. 

Despite several people trying to persuade the man by promising him gifts and several other offers, the man seems not to be bothered and hasn’t responded to the call.

The security agencies are in place and they are accessing the situation to determine their course of action.

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