Eight Arrested Amidst Chaos at Kampala District Tally Centre

In one of the incidences, a candidate identified as Kaigo Moses was stabbed with a sharp object in the ear, as he, accused his political nemesis, Ronald Ssemwanje of altering results. He could hardly speak or even respond, by the time he was taken to hospital.

In the aftermath, an operation was mounted to arrest those suspected of instigating chaos. At least five people were picked from Central Division tent while others were picked from the Kawempe Division tent.

In Lubaga Division, trouble was ignited by vote recount request from Onzi Peter, which, however, was challenged by his rival Kayondo Paul Yiga rejected. Onzi and Yiga are tussling for the Nakulabye II Parish seat in the Lubaga Division Council.

Security was heightened in the Kampala Central, Kawempe and Lubaga tallying centres, with the military, Local Defence Unit- LDUs and police personnel surrounding all the tents to prevent escalation of chaotic scenes.

In Nakawa tally centres, tempers flared when the declaration of winners stayed for almost an hour. Some candidates were suspicious on seeing the rivals they had outrightly defeated from several polling stations showing up at the tally centre.

Meanwhile, the National Resistance Movement and National Unity Platforms candidates for the Mayoral race on Tuesday morning engaged in a battle as each of them cheered their candidates, ahead of the declaration of results. The race was eventually won by NRMs Salim Uhuru ahead of NUPs Semugooma Hamudan.

At one time, the NUP candidate was leading the six candidates for the Kampala Central Division race, celebrating it with Kyagulanyi’s song “Tuliyambala Engule” before dropping in the “People Power, Our Power “ slogan.  The songs went on for about a minute before the NRM supporters retaliated with songs in praise of their candidate Salim Uhuru, and also repeatedly singing Museveni’s name

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