Big Win: FDC Wins Soroti Mayoral Seats

The Forum for Democratic Change- FDC has again swept all Mayoral Division seats in Soroti City. According to the Soroti City Division, poll results declared this morning by the Soroti Returning Officer, Charles Egimu, FDC candidates won both the Soroti East and West City Division Mayoral seats.  

Paul Omer and Peter Patrick Emaru, both FDC candidates won in Soroti East Division and Soroti West Divisions respectively.  Omer beat five challengers with 5,158 votes. The National Resistance Movement candidate Abdul Latif came second with 4,582 votes followed by the National Unity Platform candidate, Tom Ewoku with 816 votes, John Robert Esaru, an independent followed with 371 votes as Tom Okilan and Moses Okello trailed with 36 and 26 votes respectively.

Omer, who has been leading as Soroti Municipality Mayor was pushed to the Division over lack of the requisite academic qualifications to run for the City mayoral seat. He switched positions with Joshua Edogu, now the Soroti City Mayor-elect.

In Soroti City West Division FDC’s, Emaru beat ten challengers. They include Dennis Omaria of NRM, who got 2,072, Stephen Ewalu of UPC, 773 and John Eomu, an Independent, 1,688 votes. The other independent candidates; Edmund Okello 346, Okello Nakalet, 1,249, Alex Obale, 625, Patrick Asonya Ojilong,81, Emmanuel Emwodu,40 and Emmanuel Okurut and John Bosco Okwi with 54 and 474 respectively.

In Kumi Municipality, NRM’s Richard Ochom was declared the winner after garnering 4,974 votes. He was followed by George Okurut, an independent candidate while Felix Akol another independent came third with 1,143 votes. Last week, FDC won the Soroti City Mayoral race when Joshua Edogu trounced NRM’s Grigori Mikairi Egunyu. The party also won three of the five City Councilors slots in Soroti. This is in addition to the two out of the three parliamentary seats won by FDC in the city.

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