Political Violence: Unknown people burn down NRM branded car in Nebbi

Unknown people burn down NRM branded car in Nebbi. Whisper Eye News.

Panic in Nebbi after unknown people burn down National Resistance Movement (NRM) branded car just a couple days after presidential elections.

Reliable source informed Whisper Eye news that Mr Okwir Moses the owner of the burnt pick-up was attacked by unknown people.

According to Mr Okwri those attacked him took his phone and hand bag with Ugx 1m and burnt his car accusing him of branding it yellow color and president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni posters.

Various security organs have been tasked to make investigations into the matter as soon as possible.

Political analysts say that post election violence must be handled with care as may lead the country in a very terrible situation according to the politics.

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