Just In: Two Congolese soldiers arrested for abducting 33 Uganda fishermen

Two Congolese soldiers have been arrested for allegedly abducting 33 Ugandan fishermen at Dei near Panyimur landing site in Pakwach district. The incident occurred on Friday as the fishermen carried out their routine fishing on Lake Albert near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC.

 According to reports, the armed Congolese soldiers carried an impromptu raid on the fishermen at around 9 pm accusing them of encroaching on the Congolese side. They arrested the fishermen and took away their gears to Congo.

Toko Swaib the RDC Pakwach said that out of the 13 boats of the Ugandan Fishermen that the Congolese authorities impounded, occupants of the two that were behind managed to overpower the Congolese soldiers and arrested them. Toko explained that the fishermen later sailed to Bullisa with the Congolese soldiers who they had overpowered and handed them over to the Ugandan authorities.   


According to Toko, arrangements are being made to transfer the two Congolese soldiers with to Pakwach where the matter will be handled with the Congolese authorities at Dei.

Reports from Intelligence sources indicate that the Congolese soldiers took the Uganda security personnel at Dei and Panyimur by surprise as they abducted the 33 Ugandan fishermen.

Less than three months ago, some Ugandan fishermen were also abducted by Congolese soldiers but after negotiations, they were released.  

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