Pastor Aloysius Bujingo attacks troubled Arch Bishop Ntagali

By Spectra Media

Pastor Aloysius Bujingo attacks the troubled Arch Bishop Ntagali
“You are a disgrace to society and an agent of satan” Bujingo roared

Pastor Bujingo seemed to be the happiest man after his long-term enemy Arch Bishop Stanley Ntagali landed into problems. The rubbing shoulders between the two men of God started when Pastor Bujingo set on fire some bibles which he claimed were misleading the people of God. Arch Bishop Ntagali reacted on the matter by condemning the action of Pastor Bujingo. Bujingo replied to him by asking him to sue him to the courts of law if he had committed any offense.

The second raw happened when Bishop Stanley Ntagali reacted once again by condemning Bujingo’s action of spilling his wife’s health secrets to the public something that almost everyone condemned.

The cold war between the two has since kept on and this time it seemed a sweet time for Bujingo to fire bullets onto the troubled Arch Bishop who committed Adultery.

Bujingo laughed loud and said that Bishop Ntagali should even be banned from attending public functions. Bujingo added that he warned Bishop Ntagali to stop attacking him and since he has been praying to God to expose the sinful part of the Arch Bishop.

“I have been praying to God to expose this man and finally God has answered my prayers. He is a disgrace to society. He doesn’t practice what he preaches and I think he has even enjoyed many of other people’s women. An investigation should be started into the matter.” Bujingo added

It was a sad day for the Anglican Church after Arch Bishop Ntagali ended up engaging in sinful actions that ashamed the position of the Arch Bishop and the church.

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