Don’t Blame Party Loss on Buganda-Mukono NRM Mobilizers

The National Resistance Movement-NRM mobilisers in Mukono district have asked the party leaders not to attribute the party’s loss to Buganda. 

Following the poor performance of the NRM in Kampala for Presidential and MP polls, President Museveni said in a televised national address that the voting had been sectarian.

On Friday, the Minister-in-charge of the Presidency Esther Mbayo said that the Buganda Kingdom and the Catholic Church have come out openly to de-campaign the government and support the opposition.

Mbayo said that the Katikkiro of Buganda told people to vote red, by telling them to harvest red coffee and not the yellow or green ones.

However, mobilisers in Mukono have said that the party leaders should not to shy away from reality. They attribute the poor performance on disorganized party structures and greed among the party leaders.

Ronald Kiyaga one of the NRM coordinators says the party lacked funds to pay polling agents trusted with the responsibility of protecting the presidential votes.

Some of the NRM MPs who lost in Mukono include Johnson Muyanja Ssenyonga who was defeated by Fred Kayondo of Democratic Party in Mukono South, Ronald Kibuule lost to Abdallah Kiwanuka of National Unity Platform in Mukono North, Robert Kafeero Ssekitoleko lost to Fred Ssimbwa (NUP) and Haniffer Nabukeera won Margret Nakavubu to replace Peace Kusasira for NRM on the position of District Woman MP. NRM also lost the LC5 seat to NUP.

Vincent Mugenyi another mobiliser accuses the top party leadership of priding in splashing money which is given to a few groups of people especially in the urban centers ignoring rural areas.

“Look at our villages where we failed to even get 30 votes at various polling stations yet we have always had the system of knowing 30 registered party members per village. At lower levels, money caused the inner betrayal”   

Ssekitoleko attributed the loss of the party to lack of will to address issues affecting the electorate. He cited lack of clean water, improved roads, employment for youths and proper health services.  

Sseruga Lubega, the NRM Administrator at Mukono says that the loss should be a wakeup call for the party leaders. He, however, says that the party will bounce back strong and reclaim the lost seats in 2026.

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