UPDF kills 189 Al-Shabaab fighters in a raid

The Uganda Contingent of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has killed 189 Al-Qaeda linked fighters in a raid on Al-Shabaab hideouts in the thickets of Sigaale village 99.5 Kilometers from Mogadishu city.

The interdiction and on spot ground target operations in Sigaale, Adimole and Kayitoy villages, neighbouring Janaale in Lower Shebelle region, also saw the forces destroy a number of military hardware and items used during attacks. These included two mounted weapons “technical” and motorbikes in separate fire strikes. 

At Doncadaafeedow hideout, located 7 kilometres West of Janaale, the UPDF ground-aerial targets  disrupted an Al-Shabaab scheduled meetings and injured several, according to a statement issued by the UPDF communications office in Kampala this morning.

Brig Gen Don William Nabasa, the Sector One commander said that the AMISOM UPDF troops did not incur any loss or injury, nor did any civilian target get affected.

“We are committed to ensuring and maintaining security and relative peace,” said Gen Nabasa during his operational assessment of frontline troops at forward-base in Janaale adding that given the available capabilities and knowledge of terrain analysis, such on spot targeted operations will continue in efforts to degrade and defeat Al-Shabaab insurgents, even in the wilderness.”

The operations also resulted in the arrest of Al-Shabaab commanders, Sayid Nuur and Mohad Jabane by the AMISOM sector one troops, the two commanders were later handed over to 83 Battalion of Somali National Army, for further management. The statement shows that one Al-Shabaab low level commander Eden Osman also reported with his submachine gun, five loaded magazines and 63 rounds of ammunition to Somali National Police station in Qoroyole town.

Alshabaab remnants have in recent months retreated to rural areas, where they emplace improvised explosive devices as their weapons of choice along main supply routes targeting AMISOM and government troops.

Recently, Brig. Gen. Nabasa urged the soldiers to maintain the operational readiness of the highest order and to remain vigilant in the implementation of the mission’s mandate, particularly in conducting operations to degrade the Al-Shabaab so as to ensure peace and stability returns to Somalia.

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