Big Story: Gov’t blames NRM Buganda loss on sectarianism but Mengo blames corruption, killings

The Minister for Presidency Esther Mbayo has asked the Catholic Church and Buganda Kingdom to stick to their core roles instead of meddling in politics. 

Mbayo, who was today addressing journalists on the 35th National Resistance Movement/National Resistance Army Victory Day celebration to take place at State House Entebbe on 26th January, Said the Buganda kingdom has been advocating for the voting for only the leaders who have interest of Buganda at heart.

Following the poor performance of the National Resistance Movement in Kampala for President and Members, President Museveni said in a televised national address that the voting had been sectarian:

“In some of the voting, the pattern which we saw, very interesting, you can see some of that. Where now instead of people looking to solve the social economic issues of the people, they now bring back sectarianism. Like you saw the voting, for instance, in Buganda.”

The Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga responded by dismissing the talk of sectarian voting in Buganda, saying that on the contrary, there is no other part of Uganda where people vote for those from other communities like happens in Buganda. 

Mayiga advised the NRM to look at the failed service delivery in the city and and grabbing to understand why the region voted against them:

“I don’t think the blame game is useful…saying that people are sectarian and were not voting NRM is totally wrong,” said the Katikkiro.

Now Mbayo has called on Buganda and the Catholic  church to stick in their lane.

According to Mbayo Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kampala Cyprian Kizito Lwanga and the Catholic Church have come out openly to decamping the Government and support the opposition.

  Mbayo said that the Buganda Katikkiro clearly told people to vote red, by telling them to harvest red coffee and not the yellow or green one.

  She was responding to questions from journalists following a statement by National Resistance Movement Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda Mike Mukula that Buganda voted in a sectarian manner. She says this is what NRM fought for and it is sad that this is happening in Buganda.

She says Mengo cannot unite people if it engages in politics and tribalism.

Mbayo says that churches are also failing to do their work and now involving in politics and directly campaigning for opposition.  

She says that in the past when the country had few churches there were few sinners and now with many churches there are many sinners, meaning that some people are not doing their work.

She says since the church and the kingdom have come out openly, there is no need to hide.

Asked how they are going to handle this, she said that Government through President Museveni has been meeting with Mengo and the Church leaders over time and this will be resolved.  

The Buganda Spokesperson Noah Kiyimba says that the Minister of Presidency is trying to shy away from the reality.

Kiyimba says that Government was at the centre of being voted out in Kampala since it has failed on service delivery. He says if people don’t have drugs, you cannot blame Buganda kingdom. 

Kiyimba also says that the killing of the 54 people in Kampala in November sent a big messages to voters.

He says the tribal excuse will not work, but Government should instead fight corruption, and deliver for Ugandans among others.

Attempts to speak to the Spokesperson of the Episcopal Conference Philip Odii by press time for a comment were futile.


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