Breaking News: Bobi Wine’s confidant in charge of printing NUP party cards arrested by security

By Whisper Eye Investigative

Breaking News: Bobi Wine’s confidant in charge of printing his NUP party cards arrested by security

News coming from Nasser road indicates that National Unity Platform (NUP) official Kagimu Musiramu in charge of printing party cards and other materials has been arrested.

Mr Kagimu has been arrested today evening at around 1500hrs from Modern Sarah Center building along Nasser road in Kampala.

Reliable source has informed Whisper Eye Mr Kagimu was betrayed by one of his friends close to him, who was given money by security operatives.

Only a few people new Mr Kagimu before his arrest today.

The Van which was used to arrest Kayemba

Security operatives reported on the building on the Tuesday evening according to our source.

“Mr Kagimu has been so close to hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert (NUP president) and he was crucial in the exercise of safe guarding Bobi Wine’s Declaration Forms (DR forms),” says the source.

It is believed that Mr Kagimu should be the one who printed NUP presidential candidate Mr Wine’s agent letters which were used on the 14th January 2021.

He has been arrested and taken with a mask on his face in a van white in color number UAN 752H.

Whisper Eye will keep you updated about this developing story.

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