Big Win: NRM Loses Kalangala District LCV Seat to NUP

The National Unity Platform-NUP has defeated the National Resistance Movement- NRM party candidates in the local government council elections in Kalangala District.

Since 2006, NRM has been dominating the local council positions in the district.  Now, NUP has won seats in four of the seven sub-counties of Kalangala including Kyamuswa, Mugoye, Bubeke and Bufumira Sub Counties.

Rajab Ssemakula, the NUP coordinator in Kalangala, also defeated the incumbent and NRM party candidate Willy Lugoloobi Bageyente in the LCV Chairperson race.  Ssemakula got 9,273 votes while Lugoloobi got 4,527 votes.

NUP’s Irene Nakanwagi defeated Ronald Jjamba for the position of councillor for Kalangala town Council.

Nakanwangi garnered 725 votes while Jjamba obtained 716 votes. The new Directly Elected  Councillors for Bujumba sub-County are  NUP’s  Richard Katumba who got 1,045 votes and Fausta Ssembuya Democratic Party (DP)  who garnered 1, 627 votes. 

Independent candidate Kabinga Paul Mwita who obtained 1,010 votes has been declared Direct Male Councilor for Bubeke Sub County.

NUP’s Agnes Gimono won the woman councillor for  Bufumira Sub County with 1,354 votes, while Betty Nanyanzi and Herman  Ggilibe will represent  Mugoye Sub County as woman councillor and directly elected councillor respectively on the NUP ticket.

Ssemakula has pledged to advance development projects in the district.

Willy Lugoloobi,  who has been LC V chairperson since 2011, says he will also support his successor.

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