Archbishop suspended ;accused of gross betrayal

      The retired archbishop of Uganda Stanley Ntagali has been suspended from administering sacraments .preaching and representing the Church of Uganda.

 In a leaked letter of January 13th church of Uganda Stephen Kazimba notified the Global future conference (GAFCON) that he had stopped his predecessor from performing sacraments, preaching or representing the Church of Uganda.

In another development, the woman who retired Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali was alleged to have had extra-marital affairs with, had sought to divorce her husband as recently as last month.
 In documents filed at Kabale Chief Magistrate’s Court in the first week of December 2020, the woman accused her husband, also a Church of Uganda priest, of cruelty.

 The couple wed at Rugarama Cathedral in Kabale on December 15, 2018, according to papers filed in court, shortly after the reverend’s wife had passed on a few months earlier.
The matrimony was shrouded in controversy after the bride was linked to another man, an employee of a beverage company.

In the divorce petition, the woman alleges that her husband, the reverend has repeatedly been cruel and deserted her after solemnization of their marriage.

It’s not known whether the love affair with the other gods’ man started.

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