Security takes over rooftops of Major arcades across Kampala

A team of the Military Police commanded by Col Keith Katungi is taking over rooftops of major arcades across Kampala as part of the polling day deployment plan.

Col Katungi and Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Moses Kafeero informed traders about the deployment plan in a meeting held at the Kampala Central Police Station- CPS boardroom this afternoon.

The security chiefs told traders’ representatives led by the by the Chairman Kampala City Traders Association – KACITA Everest Kayondo, that ringleaders of the November 18 protests camped on rooftops, which the forces will now take over to avert any possible use of the commanding heights by wrong elements. 

The November protests were sparked off by the arrest of National Unity Platform – NUP presidential candidate, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. At least 54 lives were lost in the chaos that ensued.

Traders, who attended the meeting this afternoon, were shown videos of the riot commanders monitoring security movements from the rooftops, and giving orders to people who were on the ground.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed that the military has already dominated rooftops of buildings ahead of tomorrow’s election. Onyango said that the rooftops shall be restricted only to military personnel until the situation normalizes.

There’s is heavy deployment in various parts of the City. The military is patrolling the area surrounding Kisekka Market, Kisenyi, Old Kampala and Clock Tower. In Kisekka Market soldiers are seen on top of Arcades standing in strategic points where they have a view of several points of the City.

Kayondo told journalists that they have agreed to let the military takeover the Arcade rooftops because they were convinced that ringleaders of last November protests were on top of the buildings. 

Kayondo also urged traders not to panic because security will be there temporarily and it’s for the benefit of their businesses.


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